Trend Tuesday: Summer Makes for Gorgeous Hair

I really didn’t need that in the title because…of course you know this. Anyone with hair that’s more than one inch long will tell you humidity is your enemy. Couple this with the surprise showers we’ve been having this week and you’ve got a big case of Jill looking like a wet dog. Anyway, you’ll have to forgive the overall appearance, I had just come from class and it was in between rainstorms. My favorite part was when it poured my entire walk home. But I can’t complain too much. Sure, humidity is a killer when you have a fashion blog, but at least I’m not gritting my teeth and bulging my eyes because I’m taking photos in -10 degrees without a jacket. In five feet of snow. Perspective, people.

When I first debuted the camo shirt, I was so excited because the fit was perfect and the material is so comfortable. While the perfect slouch and feeling of wearing pajamas continues, my worst fear was realized when – yup – it is MUCH TOO HOT to wear this heavy of a shirt in the middle of July. I imagine I will stick to skirt/short combos going forward because pairing this shirt with jeans I was about ready to completely disrobe in the Park Street station while waiting for the T. Maybe it’s because I live in Boston and work in an area where I see them frequently, but weather like this always makes me feel for the people who dress up like historical figures and have to wear petticoats and wool and pretend like they aren’t going to pass out. Seriously, if the humidity index is above 70, it’s hard for me to not wear shorts to work.


Senior photos.

Jeans: 7 For All Mankind. Sandals: Aldo (last year’s TT!). Watch: Michael Kors. Necklace: Dogeared. Bracelet: Betsey Johnson.

I actually was kind of glad when the layers were so warm when I was sitting in class. Underneath the air conditioner. Dripping wet from the rain. I think the fact that I had on a long sleeve shirt and pants helped save me from hypothermia. I hope. I am hoping the weather improves for the following week. In fairness, the only reason I decided to go along and post today was 1) I already wore this outfit to school and 2) we can’t have two Trend Wednesdays in a row. It doesn’t flow as well.


Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s humidity.

I will say one of the major downers to the rain was it kind of broke the shirt’s shape. It’s flowy in general but then to go from dripping wet to being dried a la air conditioner, it kind of became a weird shape. And wrinkled. Ugh. If you need me, I’ll be doing a rain dance until next week.