Trend Tuesday: Playing With Filters

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I can’t believe the month of camo is almost over! It seems like it just started. It seems like summer just started. We’re five months away from Christmas? When did that happen? Okay, I guess enough reflection, but if time could stand still for at least a bit, that’d be grand. Anyway, so it looks like I’ll be shopping for a new trend with my birthday money as camo comes to a close. Yes, I still have one more go at it, but it’s definitely the end of an era.

I was busy this past weekend attending the wedding of one my close friends out in Long Island. By the time I made my way back to Boston, I was basically a zombie. So much so that I could only really muster running errands in my camo shirt. It wouldn’t really go with wedding attire, you see. So fine, whatever, wearing my errands outfit. But the tiredness got a hold over me. You see when I was wearing my sunglasses, I took a look at the photos and they seemed fine. Only later I realized nope, that wasn’t the tint of my sunglasses, my camera was set to a weird filter. I was able to get one decent shot, the rest were all tinted green. By the time I discovered this I was already in for the evening and it was getting dark. Womp. Presenting: Jill looking like she’s sick (I originally had Jill looking ill but then thought better).

Do not adjust your screen.

Do not adjust your screen.

Shorts: Forever 21. Sandals. Aldo. Sunglasses: Ray-Ban. Watch: Michael Kors. Bag: Rebecca Minkoff.

Side note: I’ve now discovered these sandals in gold and I NEED THEM. Seriously, they’ve been my favorite shoe purchase so far this summer, perfect for work and comfortable for walking around the city.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like this shot. Sure, my skin color is a little off, and my features are a little darker than they usually are, but it gives us a little oomph. If anything, we needed a new look. Yeah, let’s go with that. Filter excluded, this was actually the perfect day to wear this shirt. I had to buy groceries for the week/get last minute dinner supplies, and I had pretty much resigned myself to recuperating on the couch watching a Sex and the City marathon (HBO is killing it lately). Enter: the world’s most comfortable shirt, a pair of trusty cutoff and comfy sandals. Running to the grocery store was a breeze, and there was no awful humidity to deal with, making this for an even more comfortable excursion.


I think as long as you don’t have a humidity reading of more than 70 percent and it’s not more than 85 degrees outside, this shirt is still wearable. I might recommend shorts or a skirt, though, as when I wore jeans last week I thought I’d have to cut myself out of them. Now, I know you can’t really “dress up” cutoff jorts, but I believe by tucking in the shirt with a belt, it gives the entire outfit a sense of being more put together. Or maybe that’s just about how put together I was going to be, I mean seriously I’m not even wearing makeup under those sunglasses (spoiler alert!)

Camo is the perfect addition to any casual outfit, I think of all instances this is the easiest to pull off. 10 for 10!