Midweek Music: MisterWives


I’m back from France, feeling mostly caught-up on work, and ready to share my latest music obsession – MisterWives. Although I could have stayed in France forever (my fashion post is due to come very, very soon), I love American creativity when it comes to soul-pop. MisterWives fulfills my craving for a full sound, and even proved to be a unique juxtaposition to the Parisian landscape for this American in the City of Lights.

After getting into work closer to 7:00 this morning, and in no way shape or form considered a morning person, listening to their single, “Reflections,” made me a visibly less miserable human. Some might even say that I became tolerable. But no matter your Wednesday morning status, this will give you a boot.

Born in New York in 2012, MisterWives finished their first EP Reflections in January 2014. The EP is fantastic. We should anticipate a full album release this fall. MisterWives also produce a slew of dance worthy remixes, and an ever-growing number of covers.

The three core members are Mandy Lee (vocals/keys), William Hehir (bass), and Etienne Bowler (drums). With Lee as the only girl in the band, their name is a c comedic gender-corrected take on “sisterwives.” Lee, 21, is the driving force behind the band’s vibrant sound. Originally set on being a solo musician, she started collaborating with Hehir and Bowler as a side project and realized it was time to re-evaluate her indie sound.

For live performances, such as their 2014 Firefly debut, they bring on tons of friends to help out on stage with with a variety of instruments to round out their sound, including a sax, strings, trumpet, and the list goes on.

My new favorite recent release is their rendition of Sam Smith‘s “Money on My Mind.” Enjoy!