Trend Tuesday: Brought To You By My Study Group

It’s another month, which means it’s time for another trend. I actually had this particular item in mind for a while but I wasn’t sure where to go. After all, I have a $100 limit and a lot of expenses coming up so I couldn’t go too hog wild. It was also my birthday last week, and my study group in my MBA program, who I basically hang out with in the library every weekend without question, wanted to gift me with a gift card to pay for the next trend.

SO SWEET! And look at the box:


Perfect packaging.

I am so happy to have met such an awesome support group while in my MBA program. I know I complain about the neverending work a lot, but much like a job that bums you out, the people usually make it well worth it. It was only right that the first place I try out this trend is at school, not only because the girls will get to see it but also because I’m done as of THIS THURSDAY for an entire month. Not that I’m counting down the hours or anything. Seriously, on a break until mid-September and I could not be more excited.

I present to you: the month of baggy trousers.

These pants have been everywhere and I think they morphed from the athletic trend that’s been around since March. Every store is carrying dropcrotch pants that have elastic cuffs at the bottom. They’re kind of a riff off the sweatpant. Also, Olivia Palermo (who I consider a style goddess and knower of all things fashion) was spotted wearing them the other day, I think it’s meant to be.

Spotted: OP in Baggy Trousers.

Spotted: OP in baggy trousers.

Granted, I doubt as look as effortlessly chic as Olivia, but hey I gave it my all…and it’s also impossible to top her. I decided to go with a hunter green version I had spotted at J. Crew. I really wanted the bright pink but unfortunately the store didn’t carry them. Nor did they carry petites. But I tried to make the best of it.



Last group meeting of the semester!

Shirt: Madewell. Cardigan: J. Crew. Shoes: Steve Madden. Bag: Longchamp. Sunglasses: Alexander McQueen. Earrings: JoJo Loves You. Watch: Michael Kors.

Yes, it’s August and yes it should be hot but this weekend was unseasonably cool so I went with a cardigan and a T-shirt. Given the billowiness of the pants, I have a feeling I’ll try to balance it out with tighter things later. However, I wanted to be comfortable today and just stuck with things with extra volume. The flat shoes don’t help with the height, but I have a feeling that with heels these pants will look a lot different.


Slouching in more ways than one.

I think when you have to spend your weekends at school, you just want more comfort out of life. I love this outfit purely for the comfort factor, but I think I need to take a little more risks with the pants. Well, I’ve got three weeks to do it! So far, I give it a 5 to pull off. I definitely recommend the pants for someone who’s over the height of 5’5. Or maybe if you can get your hands on a petite version.