Trend Tuesday: Homegirl Wore Jogging Pants to the Office

Yes, yes, I know I missed posting last week. But we had to talk about Paris…and I also had to run my pants to the dry cleaners. So we’ll double up this week (hopefully Thursday). Please forgive me, I’m in summer vacation mode with my month off of school and therefore it’s difficult to get me to do anything but lie on the couch and have Netflix marathons. It’s almost nice not having anything to do. Now if only I could convince myself to hit the gym twice as hard and not slack off in all other aspects of life…

I know, I know, the title is a bad riff off the infamous “Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach” quote from The Hills (RIP), but it just felt appropriate. I spent much of last week’s post referring to the bottoms in question as “trousers,” when in fact they are not. They’re jogging pants. Fancy J. Crew jogging pants that you actually wouldn’t wear to jog, but jogging pants nonetheless.

My friend was visiting from New Zealand, you may remember her for resurrecting the kimono, and noted that since she’s lived there, the jogging pant was everywhere. Each season, the jogging pant, or some form of it, would grace the shelves of New Zealand stores and fashionable girls were more than happy to purchase. While I have been seeing these pants all over the stores recently, I don’t think they’ve had the same popularity in the U.S. This blog is going to change that…maybe.


Office dressing in athletic wear.

Blazer: Gap. Shirt: Gap. Necklace: Marc Jacobs. Bracelets: J. Crew. Kiel James Patrick. Watch: Michael Kors. Shoes: Aldo. Sunglasses: Alexander McQueen. Rings: Kat&Bee.

I knew for an office setting I still wanted to keep things a bit comfortable. It’s frequently freezing in my office, and while pale goosebumps are all the rage right now, I have been opting for layers. Enter my favorite slouchy blazer from the Gap. I wanted to make the look a little more feminine, so I completed it with a floral cami that was double-layer sheer. I was proud of myself for throwing my usual reservations to the wind and instead choosing shoes that had a clashing pattern to my top. However, I think the separation between the solid green pants made the look come together nicely. Although I guess all I can do is allow you to be the judge.


Overall slouch.

I definitely think these pants belong in an office. They’re comfortable, they’re polished, they aren’t too revealing. You don’t need to worry about dragging the bottoms in any puddles or dirt (a big problem for me if I don’t have time to make it to the tailor). I think they’re a lot more flattering when paired with heels and I will keep this in mind for future outfit ideas. Overall, I think these pants get an 8 out of 10 in terms of easiness to pull off in the office. They might be a little more casual than some setting would allow, which is why they get points off.

What do you think of the jogging pant for the professional world? Are you completely sold on the athletic trend? I can promise you you’ll be seeing a lot of it this fall.