Monthly Archive: September, 2014

Trend Tuesday: I Am 27 Years Old (Going On 57)….

It has become painstakingly clear to me over the years that the further I get away from college, the more alcohol affects me. Scratch that, the older I get, the less time I have… Continue reading

We Need To Talk About Joan…

As we’ve been slacking so much over the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to do any “We Need To Talk About” posts. Nor did I get to write about my utter… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Fall Layering Lessons

After my mea culpa yesterday about trying to be a better blogger, I realized I’ll be gone at the end of the month. So that kind of puts a damper on things…I’ll do… Continue reading

We Need To Talk About…The Fact That We’ve Been Slacking

Yes, Amy and I are well aware that we’ve been slacking at blogging. We’ve both given ourselves D/D- as bloggers. So you know…at least we’re aware. In our defense, summer is a busy… Continue reading

Midweek Music: The Roots

Even if you can’t identify The Roots by name, chances are you’ve been hearing their music in the background for a while now. They create a soulful, jazzy variation of hip-hop that backs up Jimmy Fallon… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Tweed Of The People

Given today’s events, it was between the title I chose and “Trend Tuesday: What’s In the Apple Box?” but I ultimately decided to remain true and not give in to SEO trickery. I’m… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: You Pick

**UPDATE: The people have spoken and September’s trend will be the tweed-patterned dress** I know, I know, I was awful about Trend Tuesday last month. I have a post to make up for… Continue reading