Trend Tuesday: You Pick

**UPDATE: The people have spoken and September’s trend will be the tweed-patterned dress**

I know, I know, I was awful about Trend Tuesday last month. I have a post to make up for it later this week (swear this time), but to make it up to you I decided it’s time for you to pick the trend. That, and, you know – it’s a five Tuesday month and I was too busy this weekend to do a proper shop. I’ve decided to limit the options this month, as I found that having too many options can stretch the voting pool very thin. So this time, let’s go with five.

You know the drill, I give you options, you vote, voting closes at 10 PM tonight and then I buy whatever you pick and wear it for the month. Nothing can cost more than $100 and everything must be appropriate enough (or allow for modifications) for an office setting. Let’s get started!

Option 1: Pajama Dressing

Aryn K.

Pajama Shirt – Aryn K.

I, for one, am in favor of anything comfortable, but this is a little too on the nose for pajama dressing. I feel like I could replicate it from Victoria’s Secret. In any case, menswear-inspired pajamas have been a growing trend over the past few seasons and I’ve decided to give it a go (if you do, too!)

Options 2: Work-appropriate Tunics.

Endless Striped Shirt - J. Crew.

Endless Striped Shirt – J. Crew.

Tunics are also all the rage right now. While I tend to think of this as more of a summer trend, J. Crew has decided to make this more of a fall piece by making it office-appropriate. I think this could lend some fun to layering, but it remains to be seen if this will last more than a season.

Option 3: Long, Slouchy Cardigans.

Marled Knit Maxi Cardigan - Forever 21.

Marled Knit Maxi Cardigan – Forever 21.

A trend that dates back to my middle school days, the long cardigan is back. Perhaps thanks in part to bohemian dressing, the oversized cardigan/sweater/jacket/whatever has been all over the fashion magazines recently. Stores like Free People, Zara and Urban Outfitters have also been promoting this trend.

Option 4: Tweed-Inspired Prints.

Printed Dress - Zara.

Printed Dress – Zara.

Okay, so the dress itself isn’t actually tweed, but the pattern has still been everywhere recently. Plus, the fact that it’s not actual tweed will help me survive these warm temperatures. The idea of wearing a heavy fabric like tweed during this 90-degree September day has me reaching for my ice water.

Option 5: Doc Martens-esque Shoes.

Arcade Platform - Topshop.

Arcade Platform – Topshop.

Much like last fall, this fall has also seen a major shift to the punk theme. Thanks in part to brands like Jeffrey Campbell, the chunky heels of the 90s are back in a big way. These are probably the least like my style on this list, so they’d definitely be the most interesting. However, I feel like shoes are always easy to style. I’ll let you decide.

So – what will it be?