Trend Tuesday: Tweed Of The People

Given today’s events, it was between the title I chose and “Trend Tuesday: What’s In the Apple Box?” but I ultimately decided to remain true and not give in to SEO trickery. I’m noble like that.

Fun fact: When I picked up the dress that you chose last night, Jon said that I’ve gotten too safe with Trend Tuesday and that I used to wear a lot of weird stuff “like kimonos or camo.” First off, I’d never put those two in the same category of sartorial weirdness. Secondly, I can’t help it if you all picked an AWESOME dress for me to wear this month. I thank you, I really do. This just means I’ll have to really get “out there” in October. I already have a couple of ideas up my sleeve. After all, ugly fashion is so in it can’t be that hard.

So we kicked off September with a vote and I’ll be honest, I really thought you’d go with the Dr. Martens platforms. However, you all surprised me and now here I am. The pattern gives the illusion of tweed, but the dress itself is actually very lightweight. This is perfect for a month like September, since we’ve seen a mix of 90-degree days and low 70s. Today was the latter and when I was heading to work I knew I wanted an extra layer to protect me from the incoming fall chill and my office’s arctic temperatures. Seriously, can we get a PSA to all building managers to PLEASE keep the AC at a reasonable level? I feel like this is the number one complaint between all of my friends in an office setting.

People are overjoyed by all things pumpkin and boots and awesome jackets, and while I’m a huge fan of boots and awesome jackets I’d love for it to remain summer a little longer. Yes, technically it’s still summer for a few weeks but you know what I mean. Get back, Halloween candy displays. Leave me alone, Pumpkin Spice Latte. SIDE NOTE/SERIOUS QUESTION: is it just me or is pumpkin spice a bigger deal this year? Like what did people say about their pumpkin fix five years ago? I’ve been going to Starbucks since high school, which is essentially an eternity ago, and I know they had Pumpkin Spice Lattes then and I don’t remember anyone going as crazy as they are now. Pumpkin spice is the “bath salts” of 2014 – it’s all anyone can talk about. Rant over, back to fashion!


Sandal season is over when I say it is.

Blazer: J. Crew. Necklace: H&M. Sunglasses: Alexander McQueen. Sandals: Report.

This Zara dress is perfection. Seriously, it’s so comfortable…almost TOO comfortable. It’s a little breezy, which is a threat when you walk around the windy city of Boston. Nonetheless, we press on…and moon everybody. If you are looking for an awesome dress for fall, it’s this one. Not only is the pattern completely on trend, but the shape of the dress is loose and comfortable for all different body types. The drop-waist is also a girl’s best friend, making for the perfect addition to your wardrobe. I definitely plan on cinching it with a belt sometime this month, but the dress as is will be in heavy rotation on my fat days.


Pole hugger.

I was kind of worried how I’d make a dress look different four times throughout the month. I technically could just switch up my accessories and shoes. I wanted to experiment a lot with layering this month (another big trend on the runways) and make it look completely unique. Simple sandals and a blazer instantly make it office-appropriate. If you want to add the dress to your own wardrobe, I’d suggest a similar pairing or a cardigan. Or you can wear it by itself. It makes enough of a statement.

One complaint? It’s a little too fitted in the bust. I mean, I know I have a large chest so I am used to things looking a little boxy on me, but it definitely annoys me.


Standard front and center pose.

So yeah, thank you all so much for choosing this trend! I definitely recommend it for the office, since it’s not too short or fussy. I’ll give it a 10/10 for the office setting, so add this to your fall shopping list. In the meantime, I’ll be spending the rest of the month trying to reinvent this look and transitioning it for winter.

During the fall we’re turning over a new leaf, and that means not slacking on #TT (I hope).