We Need To Talk About…The Fact That We’ve Been Slacking

Yes, Amy and I are well aware that we’ve been slacking at blogging. We’ve both given ourselves D/D- as bloggers. So you know…at least we’re aware. In our defense, summer is a busy time. We both had the month off of school (because Amy’s a student now!) and we kind of let laziness get the best of us. Well, not so much laziness, more OMG YES SOCIAL LIFE and AH A MILLION WEDDINGS and OHHH GORGEOUS WEATHER. We know it’s not an excuse, but we have a lot of ideas for posts coming up. I know I can pledge to be a better blogger (I hope). So, thanks for bearing with us. We’re back. It’s September. It’s fall (basically). Wedding season hasn’t slowed down yet, but you know, baby steps.

I DID actually manage to wear the trend of August (green silk jogging pants) more than four times and I got some photos. The problem is that I’ve been too preoccupied to do much of anything else (blogging included), so the posts never got put up. It’s not an excuse, it’s just a fact, and I feel awful about it because my sweet study group was behind the trend of the month. Ladies, I’m sorry. These four weeks of break got the better of me. What I have learned about myself? When I have a crazy schedule I’m a lot more regimented about things. When I’m on a break I tend to get lazy. I plan on trying to perfect balancing at a later time.

Anyway, seeing as the new trend sis underway, I thought it’d be a good idea to combine my last two outfits: heading out for a night on the town and just plain slumming it around Boston. The latter is actually an exaggeration – I had brunch and went to SOWA with Amy.


Brie’s the only one who reads these captions.

Top: Lauren Conrad Collection. Shoes: Aldo. Sunglasses: Alexander McQueen. Earrings: C. Wonder.

I know, shameful. I wore this exact outfit to brunch with Amy. You know, my usual photographer. We had brunch together and completely forgot to take photographs. WHILE WEARING THE TREND. Oy vey. Well, at least I was able to recreate the outfit (read: didn’t spill anything on myself during brunch). The humidity meant that I was wearing my hair down less and less, but thanks to the tank top, I was able to stay comfortable even during the summer weather.

The loose fit of both the top and the pants were perfect for going to brunch, because you generally feel so full by the end that moving is a struggle. Yet, if you have no fabric constraining you, it can make things a bit easier. As is with most of my casual looks (or really, any look), I stuck to flats for the comfort level. I knew I had to walk more than two miles between walking to the T and to the restaurant from the T and then back, so I grabbed a pair of my fav sandals in metallic (also have them in brown) and declared it a casual victory.

I feel like it can be difficult to hate on the casual/day date outfits because they’re usually the most effortless. The pants are great because the feel like the sweatpants I used to wear to brunch in college, but their sleek enough that I won’t get weird looks from waitstaff because they think I am a broke college kid (no, instead I’m just a broke adult with a shopping problem). Overall, I’d give this look a 9/10 for just kicking around the city. The pants make you feel like you just rolled out of bed, but they give the appearance of actually making an effort.

And with that, we have the final installation of the pants: the going out outfit:

Putting on my best creepy smile.

Putting on my best creepy smile.

Shirt: TJ Maxx. Necklace: Nordstrom. Shoes: Jessica Simpson.

Don’t ask me why I insisted on keeping my mouth shut when smiling. Maybe I just had coffee or something. I can’t remember because I took this photo weeks ago (I know, I know) and didn’t put it up until just now. I mean seriously, this post was taken before my haircut. Not that it was anything that noticeable, but I’m definitely short a couple inches.

Hats off to Netty, who let me borrow this gorgeous lace top. I think if I were to wear it to work (which I did, at a later date), I would wear it with a tanktop underneath. However, I figured “hey, I’m going to a dark bar, it’s nothing too scandalous” and went for the see-through option. Scandal! Being that the rest of the outfit was comfortable, I decided on some high heels. The platforms make the height of the heel (five inches) a little easier to bear, but I still needed to be careful when walking to and from Ubers.

The pants themselves were great. I will admit I wasn’t going to the hottest club in town or anything (because I never do that), but I thought they were perfectly dressy. Definitely fun to wear something other than jeans for once.

Overall, I’d give the pants a 6.5/10 for going out. As I mentioned, they’re dressy but definitely for more of a laid-back bar. If I was going somewhere more trendy (and had abs), perhaps I’d try them with a crop top. The high-waisted pants are totally forgiving and allow me to have a little more fun with crop tops.

Well, despite me sucking at blogging this month, I have to say I LOVE the pants and they’ll be a major staple in my fall wardrobe. It’s getting chilly out there, meaning no more bare legs and skirts. Instead, I’ll welcome these olive-hued track pants with open arms.