Trend Tuesday: Fall Layering Lessons

After my mea culpa yesterday about trying to be a better blogger, I realized I’ll be gone at the end of the month. So that kind of puts a damper on things…I’ll do my best to try and get internet service in order to finish Trend Tuesday, but I am starting to worry it’ll be a little like my old shenanigans where you get the post weeks later (in a different month with a different trend). So I guess I’m giving you a head’s up? Blame my vacation, not me. I guess you can blame me too.

Regardless, has anyone noticed how cold it has gotten? Yes, yes, I know it’s mid-September but I wasn’t expecting it to go from 90 degrees to low 70s. I at least expected an 80-degree/high 70-degree cushion. I guess that was too much to ask for. Looks like I’ll be breaking out the tights sooner rather than later. Because of the drop in temperature – and I realize that once we’re well into winter we’ll be WISHING for 60-degree days – I’ve been breaking out the sweaters.

As I mentioned in my last post, I love, love, LOVE this dress, but the material is definitely on the lighter side. Already I’ve had to wear it with a blazer, and this time around I’m wearing it with a chunky fall sweater. I suspect that tights and another form of jacket will be making appearances at later dates.

Anyway, let’s get down to business.



Back to school.

Sweater: CAbi. Boots: Steve Madden (need to be replaced). Sunglasses: Alexander McQueen. Bag: Longchamp. Earrings: JoJo Loves You. Necklace: J. Crew.

Yes, yes, it’s back to school season and already I’m spending all weekend in the library. And I’ve only had one week of classes so far. It’s a long way from May 2015. First off, I am well aware that I need new boots. These probably should have been tossed years ago but unfortunately the only brown boots I really love are $428 Fryes. I’ll admit it – I have a champagne taste on a PBR budget. Always have, and always will. While I think of how many side jobs I’d have to take to bu them, let’s talk about the rest of the outfit.

I am completely in love with this sweater from CAbi. I’ve been noticing a trend of zippers on the sides of sweaters and I think it’s a totally cute idea for layering, particularly if you want to show off the shirt/dress/whatever underneath.


As shown here.

Seriously, nothing screams fall like sweaters and I’m totally in love with this plus the boots. I feel like it’s impossible to escape the cold. Either I’m freezing in my office, in the classroom or outside. Sweaters and boots can help, but I’ve been missing summer heat.


Boots and sweaters: the essentials.

Thanks to the preppiness of the tweed print, I wanted to go the extra mile with a statement necklace. Even though I was in school this past weekend (and showed up in yoga pants and a tank top the day before), it can be really fun to get dressed up. I’ll probably wear this exact outfit to class in the near future, so I guess consider it a sneak preview.

In the meantime, I give this outfit a 9/10. I loved the comfort and it was perfect for school. While it may be a little on the dressier side, I’m a fan of dressing up for certain occasions. It might not be what everyone wears to spend a day in a library, but I feel like a typical Boston student during fall semester.