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Friday Finds: Matt & Nat

I know what you’re thinking, “come on, it’s a crazy heat wave, why are you talking about leather?” Well my friends, you don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to due… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Clash of the Accessories

Another Trend Tuesday and that means I’m off to school. This time, I’m rocking my new backpack (and still walking funny), and immediately regretting picking black sandals as a trend. If there’s one… Continue reading

Paging Bianca Stratford: Part 2

Guys, it happened. I actually own a backpack. I had teased about getting one for months, and after my friends continued to nag me (rightfully so, I was getting really lopsided toward the… Continue reading

Top 10 Beach Must-Haves

I don’t know about you, but for me this weekend officially kicked off summer. Sure, the season doesn’t ACTUALLY change until June 21, but with 90 degree weather all weekend, I was certainly… Continue reading

Friday Finds: Your Favorite New Beach Bag by Scout

Looking forward to summer as much as I am? The first few weeks are dedicated solely to rebuilding a semblance of my southern California tan that once existed (I swear it was a thing!) and lounging by the water. When… Continue reading

Paging Bianca Stratford

You know how they say “the weight of the world is on your shoulders?” Well, that’s a bit dramatic, but right now I kind of feel that way. You may have seen various… Continue reading