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Trend Tuesday: I’m Naked For The Holidays

KIDDING, MOM. December has 5 weeks, and while I should have planned better and not posted on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I REALLY didn’t feel like shopping with the crowds this past… Continue reading

Best Hues For Your Sun-Kissed Self

Oh, that’s right, we’re doing this thing. Welcome back from vaycay! If you’re bummed to be sitting back at your desk this lovely Monday morning, trust me when I tell you that you’re… Continue reading

Style In A Cinch

I talk a lot about having a statement piece. While it’s great to have a really great and edgy dress, or a fashion-forward pair of sunken trousers, these aren’t exactly practical. Statement pieces… Continue reading

Color You Need Now: Seafoam Green

I am a talker. I’ll admit it. Particularly at work (my office hates me). One day, my team and I were discussing our favorite colors and one of my friends said hers was… Continue reading