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Trend Tuesday: Over It

You may have started to get the impression last week, that I was looking forward to the end of the month of overalls. Not because I don’t like wearing overalls, but because I’m… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: An Overall Trend

I really don’t care that these titles are forced/not creative. I promised you play-on-words all month and I’m sticking to it (whether you wanted me to or not). When I first came up… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: I’m “Over All” This Work

1,000 points to Jessy, who came up with this title. Can we for one second talk about the gloriousness that is Prince George? This is a related statement to the post, I promise.… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Bringing Sexy Back One Strap At a Time…

After Amy was so nice to take over my post as resident Trend Tuesday guinea pig/person in charge of making an ass of herself in public for the sake of a few photos, I… Continue reading

Prepare Thy FUPA: High-Waisted Jeans Are Gonna Be Huge

Every so often – I’d say maybe even a good five-year mark – the world of denim changes in a big way. I used to think flares were universally flattering (they aren’t). When… Continue reading

The Fat Factor Of Dating

Anyone who knows Jon and I would tell you we love going out to eat. A lot. People frequently ask us for restaurant recommendations and we’re ninjas about finding little holes in the… Continue reading

10 Things I Hate About You, Denim Pencil Skirts

At times, I feel like I’ve never met a trend I didn’t like. But then I remember, “oh, HAREM PANTS” and “OH, TRUCKER HATS!” Don’t even get me started on when Ed Hardy… Continue reading