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Friday Finds: Preserve

Look, Blake Lively couldn’t launch what’s basically a GOOP-lite and have us not talk about it. It’s all anyone has been talking about. And rightfully so, she keeps posting cryptic videos of girls… Continue reading

Friday Finds: The Only 5 Things You Need To Know About Haute Couture Week

Before we begin; yes, I heard the Ryan Gosling news. No, I haven’t jumped off a bridge. Yes, I’m devastated. No, I don’t have an Eva Mendes voodoo doll. Yes, it IS normal to… Continue reading

Friday Finds: BucketFeet

So, as much as I would love to rock this Friday Find, I haven’t actually bit the bullet yet because unfortunately I cannot wear it to work. That’s not to say it wouldn’t… Continue reading

Friday Finds: Favorite Memorial Weekend Sales

As is customary with the three-day weekend, sales have just begun. With many people considering Memorial Day Weekend the unofficial start of summer, many people are hitting up some of the best sales… Continue reading

Friday Finds: For happy, healthier summer skin, wear a hat!

I cannot remember the last brunch where at least one of my 20-something friends didn’t ask me if I’m also feeling old. They aren’t referring to hurting hips during gym class, or upping prescription lenses, they are asking… Continue reading

Friday Finds: Everlane

I don’t know about you, but for basic t’s and everyday blouses, I can’t justify a $90+ t-shirt by J Brand or Vince. These highly regarded brands don’t even use 100% cotton or linen to make… Continue reading

Friday Finds: AD Jewelry

My biggest fashion weakness lies in shopping for the right jewelry. So I rarely buy new pieces, and typically stick to some very safe basics. But recently I discovered a local designer who I am really getting… Continue reading

Friday Finds: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Happy Valentine’s Day! What’s everyone’s plans? Whether you’re single, taken, married, whatever, it’s nice to get into the spirit. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to dress up, no matter what you’re doing.… Continue reading

Friday Finds: The Ultimate Lingerie Shopping Guide for Valentine’s Day

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s lingerie time. After hours of sifting through the world of intimates (yes, hours!), I am astonished at the creative juices that are put into these garments that don’t get… Continue reading

Friday Finds: Lolli Swimwear

It’s basically February and all I can dream about is a warm beach in the south of France. I’m talking big hats, oversized towels, designer bikinis, and no tan lines. This dream is… Continue reading