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We Need To Talk About Beyonce…

Just so you know, this week is Beyonce week. I’ll be attending her and Jay’s “On the Run” tour tomorrow night, Amy’s in Paris, it just feels right. With the exception of tomorrow’s… Continue reading

Beyonce Wasn’t On the Grammys Red Carpet But I Guess We Can Talk About These People…

Another weekend, another award show. Of course, the Grammys are definitely way more risque than the Golden Globes, SAGs, Oscars…well basically anything else. When the Grammys red carpet is out, you can expect… Continue reading

Midweek Music: Mumfordesque at NY Fashion Week

Mum – ford – esque /Adjective/ 1.Stylistic likeness to Mumford & Sons 2. Style referencing British-origin 3. Combination of country formal and university bookworm Maybe I have a thing for sexy British accents… Continue reading

The Only Time You’ll See Me Praise Taylor Swift (And Other Grammy News)

As the title suggests, I am no Taylor Swift fan. Thank any of your ex-boyfriends during your acceptance speeches, Taylor? Didn’t think so. I get into daily arguments with my coworkers about how… Continue reading