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Friday Finds: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Happy Valentine’s Day! What’s everyone’s plans? Whether you’re single, taken, married, whatever, it’s nice to get into the spirit. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to dress up, no matter what you’re doing.… Continue reading

If You Get Me CVS Boxed Chocolates, I’ll Kill You (And Other Valentine’s Gift Ideas)

Jon (upon seeing the title of this blog): “I’m going to get you some now just to spite you.” Relationships! Are you searching for a Valentine’s Day gift? While it’s not required, some… Continue reading

‘Tis the Season to be Shiny…

As I mentioned when I needed your help picking out a December Trend Tuesday, the next four(ish) weeks are all about the bling bling. Metallics. Are. Everywhere. I personally did a happy dance… Continue reading

A Girl’s Guide To Holiday Party Dresses

Of course you do. Most companies have a holiday party. If you’re in school there’s usually some sort of holiday gathering. Heck, if you have any friends or family, I would be willing… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: I’m Naked For The Holidays

KIDDING, MOM. December has 5 weeks, and while I should have planned better and not posted on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I REALLY didn’t feel like shopping with the crowds this past… Continue reading


Guarantee you that title will get a lot of traffic, and not because of Cyber Monday. Yes, yes the biggest holiday shopping weekend of the year is not over yet – but hey,… Continue reading

It’s Our Birthdays and We’ll Spend If We Want To

Okay, that title is slightly misleading, you see: Amy’s birthday is next Sunday (the 21st), while mine is the following (the 28th). You know what that means – lots of getting together with… Continue reading

Let’s Get Patriotic

The Fourth of July is just three days away (four, if you count in New Jersey Housewives’ terms) and we can’t wait to spend some time at the beach, barbecuing and watching fireworks.… Continue reading