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Friday Finds: AD Jewelry

My biggest fashion weakness lies in shopping for the right jewelry. So I rarely buy new pieces, and typically stick to some very safe basics. But recently I discovered a local designer who I am really getting… Continue reading

Friday Finds: Adia Kibur

I have talked at length about my love of the statement necklace, and I’m constantly looking for new pieces to add to my jewelry collection. I’m not alone, and apparently jewelers are starting… Continue reading

The Statement Necklace: Dressing For Spring Without Freezing

Is It Too Early For Spring? The answer to this question is no, it’s never too early for spring. In fact, I start thinking about spring in, like, August. But okay, maybe I get… Continue reading

Friday Finds: Bing Bang

I’ve shown off my Bing Bang jewelry before but this is the first time it has a dedicated post. I don’t know, it makes some of my favorite jewelry ever. I first discovered… Continue reading

Friday Finds: C. Wonder

We all know Tory Burch, but may not be too familiar with her ex-husband, J. Christopher Burch. That’s about to change, as C. Wonder has been quickly gaining ground in the consumer world.… Continue reading

Friday Finds: Max & Chloe

This post is going to be really short and sweet because, is it just me, or is this week THE WORST? I feel like I’m behind in everything (and Amy and I are… Continue reading

And Now For A Boring, Non-Naked Story About Bracelets

Fun fact: If the title of your blog post is about Rihanna being naked, you’re going to get a WHOLE lot of views that day. I think we may have just cracked the… Continue reading

Friday Finds: The JoJo Loves You Sale

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Well, almost…we’re counting down the minutes until we can leave the office and have three days of glorious rain. Thanks, Boston weather. Regardless, it’s a three-day weekend and celebrate… Continue reading

Color You Need Now: Seafoam Green

I am a talker. I’ll admit it. Particularly at work (my office hates me). One day, my team and I were discussing our favorite colors and one of my friends said hers was… Continue reading

Friday Finds: Jennifer Zeuner

I feel as though most of the Friday Finds are either accessories or jewelry. Sorry my clothing style is boring run-of-the-mill J. Crew. I’ll try to be more adventurous with my wardrobe, I… Continue reading