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We need to talk about: Paris

I’ve been recovering from France for a few weeks now. No more champagne before dinner. No more efficient public transportation. No more gourmet crepe stands on every corner (how are they ALL so perfect?). No more… Continue reading

Friday Finds: Favorite Memorial Weekend Sales

As is customary with the three-day weekend, sales have just begun. With many people considering Memorial Day Weekend the unofficial start of summer, many people are hitting up some of the best sales… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Color Swapping

I’m happy to report I’ve officially broken these shoes in and they’re now among my most comfortable pairs. It was a valiant effort, and while my toes felt like sardines at times (I… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: When It Rains, It Pours (And Ruins Your Outfit)

I head back to school on Thursday for summer semester (hooray…), and after that I am jam-packed in schedule hell from now until…late June. Woof. However, I’ve been making a point of trying… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Say Goodbye to These

If you’ve seen Arrested Development, you’ll understand the reference. Except I’m not flashing anyone (HAHA, got you to click!), no, instead you can say goodbye to me for a month. That’s right, friends:… Continue reading

If You Get Me CVS Boxed Chocolates, I’ll Kill You (And Other Valentine’s Gift Ideas)

Jon (upon seeing the title of this blog): “I’m going to get you some now just to spite you.” Relationships! Are you searching for a Valentine’s Day gift? While it’s not required, some… Continue reading

Stress Shopping: Finals Edition

Belated post, clearly, because FINALS ARE OVER. I’ve survived! But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a hell of a lot of work. In fact, this past weekend (in which I did nothing and… Continue reading


Guarantee you that title will get a lot of traffic, and not because of Cyber Monday. Yes, yes the biggest holiday shopping weekend of the year is not over yet – but hey,… Continue reading

Oh My God, Why Is It So Cold?

I’m taking a break from my “We Need to Talk About…” series in order to discuss something very serious: my hatred of winter. And guys, IT’S HERE. Sure ACTUAL winter doesn’t start for… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Channeling My Inner Kardashian

I’ve talked in the past about fall being a major resurgence of punk fashion. I’ve tried different aspects of it in both September and October (well, October by force). I don’t think I… Continue reading