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Trend Tuesday: Summer Makes for Gorgeous Hair

I really didn’t need that in the title because…of course you know this. Anyone with hair that’s more than one inch long will tell you humidity is your enemy. Couple this with the… Continue reading

Better Get Naked, Because Summer Fashion Is Ugly

Last week I went on a crusade against crop tops because I’m a selfish human who enjoys burgers and fries and is lucky if she makes it to spin class twice a week.… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Jill and I just living the Anthropologie dream.

  If you read-up on last week’s crowning, you know that Jill actually chose June’s Trend Tuesday (TT) flower crown. Luckily my blog partner in crime hasn’t left me out to dry after having… Continue reading

Friday Finds: For happy, healthier summer skin, wear a hat!

I cannot remember the last brunch where at least one of my 20-something friends didn’t ask me if I’m also feeling old. They aren’t referring to hurting hips during gym class, or upping prescription lenses, they are asking… Continue reading

The Office Don’t: Shorts

Well, we’ve both officially turned 26 by the time you’re reading this – although to be fair I held on until the last possible second (not admitting I was 26 until the time… Continue reading

Let’s Do Some Sale Shopping

Guys, it’s more than halfway through July, which means all the summer stuff we were pining after in the beginning is now on sale. That’s right, make way for sweaters! I personally love… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Double Party in the Back

I feel like that title sounds wrong but I’m not changing it. So, while I originally found myself surprised by my love of the mullet dress, I now have a major bone to… Continue reading

It’s Our Birthdays and We’ll Spend If We Want To

Okay, that title is slightly misleading, you see: Amy’s birthday is next Sunday (the 21st), while mine is the following (the 28th). You know what that means – lots of getting together with… Continue reading

Best Hues For Your Sun-Kissed Self

Oh, that’s right, we’re doing this thing. Welcome back from vaycay! If you’re bummed to be sitting back at your desk this lovely Monday morning, trust me when I tell you that you’re… Continue reading

Friday Finds: Weekend Sales

How many people are working today? (Half raises hand). I hope you all had an awesome Fourth of July yesterday, and that some of you are lucky enough to continue the party today… Continue reading