Midweek Music: MisterWives

I’m back from France, feeling mostly caught-up on work, and ready to share my latest music obsession – MisterWives. Although I could have stayed in France forever (my fashion post is due to… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Playing With Filters

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I can’t believe the month of camo is almost over! It seems like it just started. It seems like summer just started. We’re five months… Continue reading

We Need To Talk About Kate…

FIRST THINGS FIRST! A very Happy Birthday to my style star Femme Fatale partner in crime, Amy. May it be as fun and fashionable as you are. Enjoy being the older one for… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Summer Makes for Gorgeous Hair

I really didn’t need that in the title because…of course you know this. Anyone with hair that’s more than one inch long will tell you humidity is your enemy. Couple this with the… Continue reading

We Need To Talk About Emma…

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, because I totally did. Emma Watson has been capital F FLAWLESS recently, and her recent appearance at Paris Haute Couture Week drove it to the forefront. Girl… Continue reading

Friday Finds: The Only 5 Things You Need To Know About Haute Couture Week

Before we begin; yes, I heard the Ryan Gosling news. No, I haven’t jumped off a bridge. Yes, I’m devastated. No, I don’t have an Eva Mendes voodoo doll. Yes, it IS normal to… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: A Day Late

A buck short, I’m writing the report….sorry, do you not start your titles with Blink 182 lyrics? I guess neither do I, but it worked in this instance. Three cheers because my camo… Continue reading

Calling All GI Janes: Camo’s A Thing

Originally posted on femme fatale:
Ladies and gentlemen: Prints are happening. They’ve been happening for a while. No one batted an eye when animal print was no longer considered a tacky. We all…

A Girl’s Guide to Dressing Like Beyonce

Okay, so due to the holiday this blog is going to be all kinds of messed up for the next few days. For starters, this post was meant for Beyonce week last week,… Continue reading

Midweek Music: The Beyoncert

This is my first-ever Midweek Music post and I’m dedicating it all to the On The Run Tour. There’s a reason this post is coming so late. I worked from home all day… Continue reading