Midweek Music: Mumfordesque at NY Fashion Week

Mum – ford – esque /Adjective/ 1.Stylistic likeness to Mumford & Sons 2. Style referencing British-origin 3. Combination of country formal and university bookworm Maybe I have a thing for sexy British accents… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Why I Should Be a Runway Model

Forget the fact that I’m ¼ of an inch shy of 5’4″ and may be a couple sizes larger than 0. It all makes sense to me. A bunch of major fashion designers… Continue reading

Prabal Gurung x Target: You Need It Now

Two posts in one day? Say whaaat? Prabal Gurung for Target came out yesterday, and like the posts alludes, you definitely need some pieces in your closet. Trust me, this is probably one of… Continue reading

The Only Time You’ll See Me Praise Taylor Swift (And Other Grammy News)

As the title suggests, I am no Taylor Swift fan. Thank any of your ex-boyfriends during your acceptance speeches, Taylor? Didn’t think so. I get into daily arguments with my coworkers about how… Continue reading

Friday Finds: Kat & Bee

Sorry this post is so late, but there’s a blizzard to deal with, people. After putting on all of my cutest flannel (not an oxymoron) to hibernate with my boyfriend for the weekend,… Continue reading

Fashion Show, Fashion Show, Fashion Show at Lunch

It’s here, it’s here! No, not the Prabal Gurung for Target collection (patience, my pet, that’s on Sunday) – FASHION WEEK IS HERE. New York Fashion Week officially kicks off today (although I… Continue reading

Midweek Music: The Femme Fatale Meets Marc Jacobs

No outfit is complete without an awesome bag that no doubt holds your best defense against a claustrophobic commute: your headphones. On any given morning, we might choose to crank up bad-ass Brooklyn-born rapper… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: A Guide to Printed Jeans at Work

You can’t open a magazine, go shopping or read a fashion blog without seeing some sort of trend. I should know…I mean, look at the title of what you’re reading. Regardless of whether… Continue reading

All The Single (and Taken) Ladies…Take a Cue From Beyonce This Spring

Ladies (and Gentlemen), Did you SEE Beyonce last night? I’m sure you at least saw our Tweets (if not, follow us here). While that halftime show was quite possibly the best part of… Continue reading

Friday Finds: JoJo Loves You

When it comes to choosing my jewelry, I’m pretty basic in my day-to-day. There are a few pieces you’ll rarely see me without – my stacked Kat & Bee rose rings, a cameo… Continue reading