Trend Tuesday: Color Swapping

I’m happy to report I’ve officially broken these shoes in and they’re now among my most comfortable pairs. It was a valiant effort, and while my toes felt like sardines at times (I… Continue reading

Billboard Music Awards: A Marked Improvement

Okay, so last year was kind of a disaster when it came to the red carpet of the Billboard Music Awards. In fact, I had to name Taylor Swift best dressed because there… Continue reading

Because We Cannes Cannes Cannes!

If you didn’t get the reference, we can’t be friends. So yesterday kicked off the Cannes Film Festival, which is typically a collection of some of the biggest movie stars in the world… Continue reading

Why are Beyonce and Solange being weirdos on Instagram?

Maybe it’s Gossip Wednesday instead of Midweek Music, but we need to talk about the Knowles. All three of of them. We all want to know what prompted Solange Knowles‘ attack on Jay-Z after… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: When It Rains, It Pours (And Ruins Your Outfit)

I head back to school on Thursday for summer semester (hooray…), and after that I am jam-packed in schedule hell from now until…late June. Woof. However, I’ve been making a point of trying… Continue reading

We Need to Talk About Jessica…

Jessica Alba is quite possibly one of the most well-dressed people in Hollywood. Sure, she’s not that great of an actress, but I think she’s truly mastered the art of casual dressing. What… Continue reading

Friday Finds: For happy, healthier summer skin, wear a hat!

I cannot remember the last brunch where at least one of my 20-something friends didn’t ask me if I’m also feeling old. They aren’t referring to hurting hips during gym class, or upping prescription lenses, they are asking… Continue reading

Met Ball: The Good, The Bad and the “I Can’t Even…”

Okay, so the Met Ball was on Monday and today is Thursday…but unfortunately we had some other stuff in the woodwork so we weren’t able to create this post until today. Look at… Continue reading

Midweek Music: M.I.A. from Paper Planes to 2014

Nearly 39 and I still wouldn’t want to get in a fight with Mathangi. I’m not even going to make an attempt at spelling her last name, so don’t judge me. It’s 12… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: A Smoking New Trend

First off, I’m not due to write about the Met Ball until Thursday and it’s killinggggg me. Secondly, I am recovering from the M.I.A. concert last night (a great way to celebrate Cinco… Continue reading