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Friday Finds: The Only 5 Things You Need To Know About Haute Couture Week

Before we begin; yes, I heard the Ryan Gosling news. No, I haven’t jumped off a bridge. Yes, I’m devastated. No, I don’t have an Eva Mendes voodoo doll. Yes, it IS normal to… Continue reading

Guess What We Won’t Be Wearing This Fall?!

HEELS. You heard right, heels are out and flats are in. My height says “no” but my broken toes say “God, yes!” I’ve started to pay more attention to Fashion Week (because I… Continue reading

Heavy Metal Is HUGE, You Guys

Do you like when your clothes are so heavy it’s a workout just wearing them? Well GET EXCITED, EVERYONE, because you’re about to have a whole lotta that going on this fall. At… Continue reading

We’re All About Fashion Week…Except Not Really

Is it just me or did everyone forget it was Fashion Week these past few days? Maybe it’s because the weather has been so awful no one had been paying attention to much… Continue reading

A Sleep-Deprived, Sassy Girl’s Take On Paris Fashion Week (Thus Far)

I’ll just come right out and say it, Paris Fashion Week is the best. Before anyone screams “freedom fries” at me, New York Fashion Week is still high up there on my list.… Continue reading

Friday Finds: Our Top 5 NYFW Shows

Can you believe New York Fashion Week is over? I mean, I guess, since it’s been a week … but you know what I mean. Not surprisingly, we saw a lot of nature… Continue reading

Everyone At Fashion Week Is Officially Cooler Than Me

The idea of street style was practically invited during Fashion Week. Photographers line up on the streets to not only get pictures of runway models heading into the show, but also the gorgeous… Continue reading

Why Am I Not at Fashion Week?

Fashion Week is here!! It’s also my first day of school for the semester. One of these things is MUCH better than the other. Although I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t… Continue reading

Time to Guess the Oscar Gowns

Let’s get one thing straight: I LOVE award shows. More than the average person should. If my friends would actually come, I’d have Oscar parties every year. What do I love about them?… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Why I Should Be a Runway Model

Forget the fact that I’m ¼ of an inch shy of 5’4″ and may be a couple sizes larger than 0. It all makes sense to me. A bunch of major fashion designers… Continue reading