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Dear Crop Tops: Why?

Trends pretty much come and go (that’s why they’re called trends, after all), but there are always some that stay around a little past their prime. Case in point: crop tops.  When these… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Color Swapping

I’m happy to report I’ve officially broken these shoes in and they’re now among my most comfortable pairs. It was a valiant effort, and while my toes felt like sardines at times (I… Continue reading


Look, as a girl who spent the majority of last month wearing overalls, I completely understand that I have no room to talk when it comes to embracing hideous trends. But I’m going… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Over It

You may have started to get the impression last week, that I was looking forward to the end of the month of overalls. Not because I don’t like wearing overalls, but because I’m… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Bringing Sexy Back One Strap At a Time…

After Amy was so nice to take over my post as resident Trend Tuesday guinea pig/person in charge of making an ass of herself in public for the sake of a few photos, I… Continue reading

Are We Goth Now?

Not to get all Seinfeld on you, but WHAT IS THE DEAL with dark makeup? Specifically lipstick. It. Is. Everywhere. I’m not even talking dark red, it’s like purple/borderline black. Interestingly, black lipstick… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: The Grammys Proved My Point

Did you miss my Grammys fashion roundup yesterday? Well, if you want to catch up, you can find it here, or you can just take this one sentence to heart and get the… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Clash Of The Tights

So far this month, I’ve been all about the rose gold skirt. Metallics continue to be huge throughout the month of January, but I was looking to make the outfit be a little… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: School These Days…

Oh that’s right, friends. The second I was out of school, I was back in. Okay, not really, the holidays were wedged in there too. But I honestly can’t believe I’m already back… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Out With The Old, In With The New

It’s officially the last day of the year! You know what that means…resolutions you’ll give up by Friday. Sure, I could lie to you and say I plan on going to the gym… Continue reading