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In A Sea Of Red, Well, There’s More Red on the Emmys Red Carpet

Don’t ask me about my Emmys ballot because I’m still sore about it. You CAN ask me about the Emmys red carpet. And the telecast itself – it was actually pretty enjoyable – you… Continue reading

Insert Sofia Vergara Golden Globes Double Entendre Here

Brace yourselves, this post is going to be as long as it took Jacqueline Bisset to finally get to her acceptance speech, because everyone looked so good this list is going to be… Continue reading

Midweek Music: Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel is fantastic (and I don’t just say this because she’s BFF with my forever crush, Joseph Gordon-Levitt). But as a career-driven woman I immediately fall into defense mode after making this… Continue reading

Midweek Music: Bringing Sexy Back?

Fix up, look sharp. Thank you, Justin Timberlake, for writing an entire song celebrating looking down right sexy in your clothes. After a six-year hiatus, our darling J.T. finally debuted Suit & Tie this January.… Continue reading